These web pages are a photo journal documenting how I built a traditional Irish harp based on the Castle Otway design. The original is about 400 years old and predates the invention of wound strings.

Although I have designed and built seven modern harps, this was my first attempt at a carved soundbox. It has been quite an adventure!

Click here for the thumbnail photo journal. You can click on any photo for an enlarged view.

Castlebay in 1987 under the Harp Tree
Castlebay performing in the parade ground of Fort Frederick in 1987. We are under the Harp Tree, which is noticeably smaller than when it went down in 2005.
Castle Otway inspired harp
Click here for a larger picture
Sound Samples of this harp
King of Laois mp3 [2:05]
The Sally Garden mp3 [1:02]
Julia in the Harp Tree, 1987
Here is Julia up in the Harp Tree in 1987. This was about two years before she got her first floor harp.

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